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June 2020

  • Busy production, as busy as a bee

    As one of the leading Chinese air conditioner manufacturers, we keep busy production all year round. All our products are produced and tested in accordance with strict international quality control systems and standards, thus are able to adapt to different weather conditions globally.
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  • Key Product: EDHP orders from European Countries have been finished loading

    Blueway DC Inverter Heat Pump (EDHP Series) can stably work at extremely cold ambient temperature down to 35℃, some models have gotten ErP A++ labels from TUV. It adopts an intelligent control system, with precise timing, temperature control & remote monitoring function. This production batch of the EDHP Series mainly…
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  • Kazakhstan clients come to visit Blueway

    Clients from Kazakhstan come to visit our Blueway manufacturing center for discussing customized engineering projects by adopting Indoor Pool Environment Control System on MAR.31, 2019. Blueway is one of the leading Chinese air conditioner manufacturershas kept exporting products for so many years, do business based on mutual benefit, welcoming clients…
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  • Why People Are Using For Hybrid Heat Pump

    Hybrid Heat Pump, Low Ambient Heat Pump, Heat Pump Geyser Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater combines a heat pump and an electric tank water heater. The electric elements merely serve as a backup for times when the demand for hot water is high. A heat pump is highly efficient, an…
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  • Heat Pumps for Commercial Purposes & Uses

    Commercial Heat Pump, Water Chiller, Heating Cooling Heat Pump Nowadays, customers and commercial enterprises are aware of the reliability of heat pumps. However, they are also aware of the typical current issues, which comprise the following. As mentioned above, poor existing installations are among the most common issues. Another issue…
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  • Know About the Uses of the Pool Dehumidifier

    pool dehumidifier, Ground Source Heat Pump, Pool Water Heater The best solution for this problem is a high-quality swimming pool dehumidifier. Make sure the unit is designed especially for indoor pool dehumidification. Don't be fooled by low-performance appliance-grade dehumidifiers found in home improvement stores. They will be overworked, ineffective, and…
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  • Blueway Offers High-Quality Heat & Ground Source Pumps

    Air To Water Heat Pump, Ground Source Heat Pump Water heat pumps are designed to meet current and future regulations for energy efficiency. The pump uses the same concept as an air-to-air heat pump for extracting low-temperature heat from the outdoor air. Our air-to-water low-temperature heat pumps are optimal for…
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  • Blueway Design The Best Heat Pumps For People

    Heat Pump Manufacturers, High Temperature Heat Pump Blueway provides a heat pump system, a geothermal heat pump, and an energy-efficient heat pump. We have expertise in providing energy efficiency services to our clients cost-effectively. We work at the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea. As…
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