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Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner
Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Blueway Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner with its compact cabinet is designed to fit most commercial replacement projects, which outfitted with the latest in compressor, blower motor and heat transfer technologies, this product performs very well in both water loop and geothermal applications. And It comes standard with a unique sound package designed to eliminate vibration transmission to the cabinet and reduce the unwanted noise in the occupied space. This highly efficient unit not only can reduce your operating cost, but play its part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a leading cause of global warming.

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Indoor Pool Environment Control System-Indoor Pool Environment Control System-Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner-With advanced technology and R&D kapacitet, Blueway je stekao više od 20 patenti i postali jedan od vodećih proizvođača HVAC-a u Kini. U međuvremenu, 70% Blueway proizvoda izvozi se na prekomorska tržišta, uključujući Australiju, Evropa, sjeverna amerika, srednji istok, Južna Afrika, Južnoj Americi i stekao svjetsko priznanje. Dodatno, gotovo je 20 predstavništva smještena u različitim gradovima Kine, a takođe ima i svoje ovlaštene distributere u Evropi, srednji istok, Sjeverna Amerika i Južna Amerika.

Do sad, Blueway je to već pružio 10000 inženjerska rješenja sa velikim uspjehom. What's more, Blueway je također preporučena marka hotela Hilton na kineskom tržištu. Blueway will continue its endeavor and commitment to serve its worldwide partners by providing solutions and innovative products of high efficiency.Water to Air Heat Pump Air Conditioner-Indoor Pool Environment Control System-Q: Any product appearance option?
A: Generalno, adopt white or grey for fast production. Side or top discharge is optional.


Q: How about the production time?
A: O: 35 working days after receipt the payment.


Q: Adopt which refrigerant?
A: Friendly energy-saving R410a.


Q: Can it ship by air?
A: Da, we can provide air shipment service if needed.


Q: With what kind of controller?
A: Adopt wired controller as standard.


Q: Hong long is the warranty time?
A: 1 year for the whole unit, 3 years for the compressor.


Q: What’s the payment method?
A: Generalno, T/T by bank.



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