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Aires acondicionados comerciales

  • Sistema de control ambiental de la piscina interior

      Con tecnología avanzada y R&Capacidad D, Blueway has obtained over more than 20 patents and become one of the leading HVAC manufacturers in China. Meanwhile, 70% de los productos Blueway se han exportado a mercados de ultramar, incluyendo Australia, Europa, Norteamérica, medio este, Sudáfrica, South America and obtained worldwide…
  • Inverter Swimming Pool Water Heater

    ▲ For inverter type, R32 & R410a for T1 SPCH series, R410a for T3 SPCH series ▲ With heating and cooling function, and WIFI function is optional ▲ Rated water outlet temp. range is 26-28℃ ▲ Touch screen for higher operating sensitivity and unlimited key operations ▲ Saving over 2/3…
  • Encendido Apagado T1 Calentador de piscina

    ▲ Saving 60%~80% energy compared to traditional heaters ▲ Titanium tube-in-shell heat exchanger resists harsh pool chemicals & corrosion ▲ Providing heating in winter & chilling in summer for spa and swimming pool ▲ Long-life & corrosion resistant composite cabinet stands up to severe climates & pool chemicals ▲ Famous…
  • Encendido Apagado T3 Bomba de calor para piscinas

    ▲ Tropical rotary or scroll compressor ensures steady working performance in T3 area ▲ Providing warm or chilled water for spa & swimming pool in gulf countries ▲ A digital controller is incorporated to maintain the desired water temperature ▲ Adopt aluminum fan blade in tropical regions to avoid corrosion…
  • Bomba de calor de agua caliente integrada todo en uno

    Q: What’s the power supply? UNA: This product series can provide 50Hz or 60Hz power supply, fan motor is different.   Q: How about the heating capacity? UNA: Generalmente, 80L & 100L is with 2kW heating capacity. 100L, 200L & 300L is with 2.8kW. If you require higher heaing capacity,...
  • Bomba de calor de agua caliente circulante

    ✦ Famous brand high efficiency compressor ✦ High efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, without ozone depletion ✦ Intelligent control: micro processor based digital controller with LCD display ✦ Adjustable water temp. setting: 25- 60℃ ✦ Water heat exchanger: tube-in- shell for cycle heating models, tube-in-tube for direct heating models ✦ Automatic defrosting…
  • Bomba de calor de agua caliente instantánea

    ✦ World famous scroll compressor for reliability and superior performance ✦ Intelligent control: micro processor based digital controller with LCD display ✦ Adjustable water temperature setting: 25℃-60℃ ✦ Water heat exchanger: tube-in- shell for circulating type, tube-in-tube for instant type ✦ Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet with epoxy powder coating…
  • Bomba de calor de alta temperatura

    ✦ EVI Scroll compressor specially designed for high water temperature heat pump ✦ Adjustable water temp. setting: 25℃ -80℃ ✦ Intelligent LCD wired controller ✦ Automatic defrosting function included ✦ Anti-legionella function on regular intervals ✦ Adopt R134a eco-friendly refrigerant is reliable for system producing high water temperature ✦ High…
  • Enfriador de agua enfriado por aire

    ♦ Tropical design for a maximum working ambient temperature of 53°C ♦ High-efficiency compressor, tropical for high ambient conditions ♦ Eco-friendly CFC free refrigerant R410a, without ozone depletion ♦ Microprocessor-based digital controller with LCD user interface & Interfaz RS485 ♦ Intercambiador de calor con alta eficiencia térmica, alta temperatura de trabajo &...
  • Air Cooled Mini Water Cooler

    ✦ Famous compressor for strong cooling capacity and reliable performance at tropical region. ✦ Axial fan blades made of aluminum. ✦ No potential risk of contamination to potable water. ✦ Food grade glass lined (porcelain coated) inner tank for water safety (SUS 304 inner tank is optional). ✦ Adjustable outlet…
  • Enfriador de espiral modular refrigerado por aire

  • Ventilación de recuperación de calor

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