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Air Cooled Mini Water Cooler
Air Cooled Mini Water Cooler

Pendingin Air Mini Berpendingin Udara

Blueway Mini Water Cooler is designed to cool the water in the bathroom for use of shower and bath in the hot summer for gulf area. The cooler can cool the water down to 15°C and the cooled water is stored in a storage tank to be mixed with the hot city water in a mixing valve for use of shower and bath. The water cooler is of a split design, which has a condensing unit and a water tank with pipe coil heat exchanger wrapping around the inner tank. Unlike using immersed pipe coil, this design ensures no potential risk of contamination to potable water due to corrosion or refrigerant leakage.

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Famous compressor for strong cooling capacity and reliable performance at tropical region.
Axial fan blades made of aluminum.
No potential risk of contamination to potable water.
Food grade glass lined (dilapisi porselen) tangki bagian dalam untuk keamanan air (MEREKA 304 tangki bagian dalam adalah opsional).
Adjustable outlet water temperature control:15°C to 35°C.Indoor Pool Environment Control System-

Indoor Pool Environment Control System-Indoor Pool Environment Control System-Q: MOQ?
SEBUAH: 50 sets for MWCH-50, others are at least 100 sets.


Q: Merek kompresor?
SEBUAH: GMCC compressor.


Q: Jenis refrigeran?
SEBUAH: R134a.


Q: Outlet water temperature range?
SEBUAH: 15-35℃.


Q: Bahan tangki bagian dalam?
SEBUAH: Umumnya, adopt enamel. But SUS 304 stainless steel is optional.


Q: This product is suitable for which market?
SEBUAH: It is engineered for the harsh weather conditions in the gulf countries at the middle east.


Q: Whether the carton package can be customized?
SEBUAH: Iya, but MOQ is 100 sets.



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