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High end Wine Cooler
High end Wine Cooler
High end Wine Cooler
High end Wine Cooler
High end Wine Cooler
High end Wine Cooler

High end Wine Cooler

Blueway Company also can provide high-end various kinds of wine coolers, which have been exporting to oveaseas for so many years. Blueway Wine Coolers have standard and customized types, classic and fashionable type.

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Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-

Automatic Packing Machine-Ar progresīvu tehnoloģiju un R&D ietilpība, Blueway ir ieguvis vairāk nekā 20 patentus un kļūt par vienu no vadošajiem HVAC ražotājiem Ķīnā. Tikmēr, 70% no Blueway produktiem ir eksportēti uz aizjūras tirgiem, ieskaitot Austrāliju, Eiropa, Ziemeļamerika, Tuvie Austrumi, Dienvidāfrika, South America and obtained worldwide recognition. Papildus, it has over 20 representative offices located in different cities of China, and also has its authorized distributors in Europe, Tuvie Austrumi, North America and South America.


Tik tālu, Blueway has already provided over 10000 engineering solutions with great success. What's more, Blueway is also the recommended brand by Hilton Hotel in Chinese market. Blueway will continue its endeavor and commitment to serve its worldwide partners by providing solutions and innovative products of high efficiency.Automatic Packing Machine-Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-J: What’s the highlight of the product?
A: Adopt air-cooled cycle design, which ensures the indoor temperature more equably.


J: Cabinet options?
A: Black leather lines, brown wood grains, red wood grains, stainless steel & solid wood.


J: Any special of the door?
A: Fashionable dual-layer toughened glass can keep moisture effect, even can avoid the strong light damage toward the red wine.


J: With door lock?
A: Yes, the wine cooler with special door lock structure.


J: Wine cooler can be customized?
A: Yes, for example, we can make it with cup hanging racks. Door can be designed to open by left or right side.


J: What’s the payment term?
A: Parasti, T/T via bank.


J: What’s your production capacity of this product?
A: 1000 sets, but it mainly depends on the PMC and production plan.



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