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  • Enfriador ar dehe refrigerado ya ndähi

    ♦ Tropical design for a maximum working ambient temperature of 53°C ♦ High-efficiency compressor, tropical for high ambient conditions ♦ Eco-friendly CFC free refrigerant R410a, without ozone depletion ♦ Microprocessor-based digital controller with LCD user interface & RS485 interface ♦ Heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency, high working temperature &
  • Air Cooled Mini Water Cooler

    ✦ Famous compressor for strong cooling capacity and reliable performance at tropical region. ✦ Axial fan blades made of aluminum. ✦ No potential risk of contamination to potable water. ✦ Food grade glass lined (porcelain coated) inner tank for water safety (SUS 304 inner tank is optional). ✦ Adjustable outlet…
  • Enfriador pergamino modular refrigerado ya ndähi

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