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Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage

Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage

Blueway Automatic Vending Machine is customized for the American market, which is suitable for taxi, bus car, тощо. Currently the standard model can be filled with 24 bottles of beverage, and can be paid by credit card. If any co-operation chances, please feel free to contact us.

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Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-


Завдяки передовим технологіям та R&D ємність, Blueway здобув більше ніж 20 патентів і стати одним з провідних виробників HVAC в Китаї. Тим часом, 70% продукції Blueway експортується на закордонні ринки, включаючи Австралію, Європа, Північна Америка, середній Схід, Південна Африка, South America and obtained worldwide recognition. Додатково, it has over 20 representative offices located in different cities of China, and also has its authorized distributors in Europe, середній Схід, North America and South America.


Так далеко, Blueway has already provided over 10000 engineering solutions with great success. What's more, Blueway is also the recommended brand by Hilton Hotel in Chinese market. Blueway will continue its endeavor and commitment to serve its worldwide partners by providing solutions and innovative products of high efficiency.Automatic Vending Machine for Beverage-Питання: Which year do you start export this product to Overseas?
A: We’ve started exporting automatic vending machine to America since 2014.


Питання: Any certificatons need for America import procedure?
A: Bill of lading, commercial invoice & packing invoice.


Питання: How many sets that you can be OEM?
A: At least 50 sets.


Питання: Can I chose the colour?
A: Grey for short production period.


Питання: Hong long is the warranty time?
A: 1 year for the whole unit, 3 years for the compressor.


Питання: What’s the payment term?
A: Загалом, T/T via bank.


Питання: What’s your production capacity of this product?
A: 1000 sets, but it mainly depends on the PMC and production plan.



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