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Air Cooled Water Chiller
Air Cooled Water Chiller
Air Cooled Water Chiller
Air Cooled Water Chiller

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Blueway Air Cooled Water Chiller is specially designed for the need of chilled water in tropical regions of the gulf areas, where the ambient temperature in summer can go above 50°C, causing the rooftop tank water reach unbearable temperatures. This chiller system is designed to cool the roof tank water to a temperature ideal for kitchen, laundry, and bathroom applications. It uses a CFC-free, eco-friendly refrigerant which is highly efficient and has no depletion to the ozone layer. It adopts a world top brand compressor, which is of high efficiency and quiet operation and is tropical for high ambient conditions.

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Tropical design for a maximum working ambient temperature of 53°C
High-efficiency compressor, tropical for high ambient conditions
Eco-friendly CFC free refrigerant R410a, không có sự suy giảm tầng ôzôn
Microprocessor-based digital controller with LCD user interface & RS485 interface
Heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency, high working temperature & low maintenance
Guaranteed water safety, no potential risk of contamination to potable water
Reduce chilled water costs by two-thirds
Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet with epoxy powder paint for long-lasting outdoor life span
Full safety protections incorporated into the system:
   high pressure and low-pressure protection
   compressor overload and high discharge temperature protection
   phase failure protection
   water flow protection
   anti-freezing protection
The built-in circulation pump is optional1. Blueway has around 30 years of rich HVAC manufacturing experience.
2.Over 1000 original R&D products, Blueway is qualified to be OEM/OBM/ODM.
3.Over 10000 engineering solutions with great success provided by Blueway.
4.Online technical service is available twenty-four hours a day without break.
5.Blueway intelligent control system with precise timing, temperature control & remote monitoring function.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: Nói chung là, one unit of sample order is acceptable, but the quotation will be a little higher than the container order.


Q: How to select a suitable model?
A: We can choose a model for you based on the actual project details & related requirements, including the brand of compressor, refrigerant, outlet water temperature, Vân vân.


Q: What’s the delivery lead time?
A: Nói chung là, it depends on the PMC & kế hoạch sản xuất. For standard products, it is about 35 ngày làm việc. If customized order is about 45 ngày làm việc.


Q: Thời hạn thanh toán là gì?
A: Nói chung là, we only accept T/T by the bank based on the current economic situation.


Q: How long is the warranty time?
A: Nói chung là, one year for the whole unit, three years for the compressor.


Q: How about the freight cost?
A: Our loading port is Shunde, Trung Quốc. We work with many superior forwarder companies, including by air, by sea, by courier, or even door to door. Please indicate the model, quantity & destination port, then the freight could be provided for your reference.


Q: How about the after-sales service?
A: Nói chung là, we only provide online technical support. Cho đến nay, we have authorized distributors & repair centers in Châu Âu, the Middle East, North America & South America for the overseas markets.


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